GAFFEY Healthcare’s AR services staff will perform an extensive review of insurance accounts that have been written off. We work directly with our clients to outline the time period and specific payers for each review. We provide weekly reports to our clients that outline trends, overriding issues and lessons learned. Zero balance reviews highlight root causes of issues and provide opportunities for sustained improvement.


When claims reach a zero balance, an opportunity opens to increase payment accuracy and revenue. If your organization has not reviewed their zero balances for accuracy and completeness, this is a great place to identify issues contributing to loss of revenue.

GAFFEY Healthcare provides a technology-enabled, analytical review of your zero balance AR. Utilization of GAFFEY’s technology tools provide the sophistication to identify revenue leakage across the revenue cycle process.

  • ClaimCPR identifies charge capture, potential coding and billing errors, and CDM issues
  • Remittance360 identifies denials and payer-specific issues
  • Contract Manager, a reimbursement analyzer, calculates expected reimbursement from payors to identify payment variances

GAFFEY Healthcare’s technology, staff, and advanced analytical capabilities manage this process effectively bringing your organization lost revenue. Providers gain an unexpected influx of cash. Root causes are identified and reported back to ensure that our clients can improve their process so that future claims will be paid more accurately.

  • Recover 1-4% net revenue with no upfront costs on accounts you have already written off
  • Zero impact to your current business office staff
  • Access best in class technology to identify underpayments and denials
  • Address root causes and upstream processes based on actual findings