Many systems today are either moving to a CBO model or considering it. Today’s model almost always has the collections function centralized in a single or several locations to take advantages of economies of scale. For some systems this is easy, but for many, geography presents an obstacle. CBOs also create a “loss of control” feeling for the hospitals that transfer operations.

Cloud-based systems like GAFFEY AlphaCollector™ provide a unique opportunity. It can be used to create a CBO-like effect without ever moving people or assets into a single location. Because the software aggregates AR data into a single workflow tool, it is possible to manage workloads across many facilities including management, work lists, specialization and vendor management without moving a single employee.

For facilities and systems that are considering a CBO or complete outsourcing, the VBO presents a third alternative as a connected (insourcing) model. It is also possible to use the AlphaCollector platform to create a hybrid model — utilizing the CBO for the extremely specialized functions, while keeping routine operations in the hospitals and using the VBO to balance the workload.

Key Advantages of the VBO using GAFFEY AlphaCollector™

You control the data and the process — you assign business seamlessly within the platform.

Vendors should also be required to work within the platform, meaning there will be no need to extract and transfer multiple sets of data.

Your collection metrics and workflow will be mirrored in AR worked by the collector — no matter where they are located. Collection activity is measured every second of the day, enabling accountability no matter where the work is done.

Productivity and accountability are improved as everyone is working on the same system with the same data at the same time.

Built-in business intelligence and management reporting tools improve oversight and reduce time necessary to audit performance.

Call it what you like, “VBO” or connected AR management, but advances in technology have introduced the ability for hospitals to achieve better results from their receivables management processes and retain control as part of the package. This provides a much-needed alternative to the current CBO and complete outsourcing models.

Circumstances around revenue cycle management change rapidly. A “connected” approach by using an application like GAFFEY AlphaCollector™ gives the facility the control to make changes when necessary without ever being hindered by a static collections model or the inability of your PA system. Not only will cloud-based collection management software improve your AR performance, it will provide you with the platform to get better results in all phases of the collection cycle.