GAFFEY Healthcare provides a comprehensive set of solutions for patient access. Our solutions ensure that our customers receive accurate insurance verification and benefit information as well as a strong medical necessity system.


Advance Beneficiary Notification is a web-based medical necessity solution. Utilizing hospital charge master data and cross-checking against important NCD and LCD guidelines, GAFFEY’s solution ensures Medicare compliance across hospital departments. ABN notices are generated real-time for hard-copy or e-signature, using signature pad technology.


GAFFEY uses real-time EDI technology to ensure that each patient’s benefits information is verified. GAFFEY’s Eligibility and Benefits verification platform can be integrated within the hospital’s existing registration system. The seamless integration results in increased efficiency, improved patient registration time, reduced human error, and creates a strong workflow system for the registration process. GAFFEY Eligibility can also be deployed as a web-based portal for staff outside of patient registration.

GAFFEY’s Eligibility system can also be used during the billing process for second level benefits verification and reporting. GAFFEY Eligibility transaction generates easy-to-read Explanation of Benefits (EOB) reports that are secure, time-stamped, and reportable for auditing purposes.

  • Eliminates potential lost revenue at point-of-service
  • Ensures Medicare compliance across hospital departments
  • Reduced denials