GAFFEY’s thirty plus years of experience with electronic claims allows us to readily consume the post-edited 837 file. The use of EDI as the backbone of ClaimCPR solves the data acquisition problem and provides a cost-effective revenue recovery and efficiency platform. The simplicity of our approach supports a quick and seamless implementation and allows ClaimCPR to be used by any healthcare entity that submits 837 file for billing.


One of the greatest challenges for providers is having disparate systems across the Revenue Cycle. The vast majority of the data needed across the revenue cycle can be found in the scrubbed 837 bill file. Getting paid correctly and in a timely manner can be impeded by several types of errors. ClaimCPR allows you to look more closely at revenue attrition.

  • ClaimCPR provides an easy-to-use user interface that identifies individual errors so that providers can correct them quickly
  • ClaimCPR provides aggregate reports for analysis, root cause discovery, and process improvement
  • Custom queries can be built to seek out other potential issues in your environment
  • ClaimCPR automatically identifies and addresses many of the main revenue integrity areas that plague providers today including:
    • Charge Capture
    • Implant Charge Audit
    • Chargemaster Code Analysis
    • Claim Efficiency-Claim Edits
    • ABN/LCD Compliance Check
    • ED Level analysis
  • Increased Net Revenue per account
  • Decreased Revenue Attrition
  • Ensure Revenue Integrity
  • Free proof of concept with guaranteed results