Many hospital systems have inefficient collections systems in their revenue cycle. As a result, they fail to collect millions of dollars of net patient revenue and spend more than necessary in the process. To address this issue, GAFFEY Healthcare has developed a leading web-based collections management and reporting platform, expressly to run collections operations – AlphaCollector. AlphaCollector’s virtual business office platform simplifies collections workflow, provides complete transparency and delivers unprecedented reporting capabilities.


GAFFEY Healthcare’s AlphaCollector dramatically reduces the steps to collect due to its simplified screen display and “drill through” capabilities. While other systems require collectors to view up to 13 screens per claim, AlphaCollector can perform the same function in just 3 steps. Using the information from the payer websites, as well as the denial reason codes from your electronic remittances, provides actionable follow up activities and greater efficiency.


  • Integrates with any patient accounting or practice management system
  • Creates consistency across multiple patient accounting systems for staff
  • Maintains a single point of control over all your AR streams from one system
  • Leverages aggregated data for vastly improved oversight and decision making
  • Integrates follow up activities with payer website claim status to touch the right claim at the right time
  • Develops workflow rules to enable quick response to priorities and issues
  • Assigns accounts by collector(s) to create work groups or individual queues
  • Tracks productivity and quality of staff members
  • Customized to meet client’s needs due to SaaS basis
  • Requires no hardware or licensing fees due to Cloud-based architecture
  • Work more AR per month, increase efficiency each touch
  • Significantly reduces management oversight time
  • Streamline key processes to increase business office productivity
  • Information available at a glance