Data-Driven Healthcare Solutions

Leading the Revolution in Revenue Cycle Automation
& Revenue Recovery

Data-Driven Healthcare Solutions

Leading the Revolution in Revenue Cycle Automation & Revenue Recovery.

Our Services & Solutions

The GAFFEY Healthcare product suite includes leading software, analytic tools, professional, and support services necessary to maximize the revenue capture of your organization’s revenue cycle.

Technology Enabled Services

Accounts Receivable

Full or partial office outsource enables your team to effectively minimize costs and significantly enhance efficiency

Zero Balance Review

Comprehensive and retrospective review of all zero balance accounts to reveal any and all potential contract variations, denials, billing and/or coding errors as well as all other issues which may result in lost revenue opportunities

Technology Solutions


Simple, smart, and actionable web-based portal for 835’s to gain insight into your payor, payment, and denial information


CBO workflow platform that includes analytics and reporting to provide transparency and efficiency across your A/R follow up function

Claims Managment

Customizable, comprehensive, claim edit and transmission service to support your organization’s entire billing process


Electronic claim status retrieval that provides richer data than traditional EDI transaction to increase workflow efficiency

Retroactive Medicaid Eligibility™

Electronic eligibility transaction which comprehensively searches all patient insurance information at any and every point in the revenue cycle process


Web-based portal which provides in depth analysis of all 837 files in order to identify any and all revenue loss/leakage

Contract Manager

Robust contract and payment modeling database maximizes payer contract efficiency

Patient Access Solutions

Enhanced Eligibility Benefit Verification with Advanced Beneficiary Notification software

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Driven by Technology  Defined by Service

Proven & Trusted Technology

  • 200+ Hospitals & Health Systems
  • 37 States
  • $14 Billion in Revenue Collected
  • 30 Years of Innovation

Industry Expertise

  • Expert RCM Leadership Team
  • Exceptional technology platform
  • Innovative services support industry dynamics

Predictable ROI

  • 1-4% Increase in NPR
  • 33% increase in productivity
  • 85%+ clean claim rate
  • 20% cost reduction

Unmatched Service

  • Consistent, responsive, client communication
  • Robust reporting capability
  • Cost-efficient, transparent, and flexible technology and services

Our Core Competencies are Customized Data Management systems which identify, clarify and maximize all support workflow and reporting.

Responsiveness and flexibility ensure that our solutions are laser-focused on customer business requirements and ROI.

Stable, efficiency-driven workflow which delivers actionable steps and quantifiable results to our clients.

Who We Are

We are a technology and services company utilizing superior combinations of both tech & service to accelerate cash flow, boost productivity and to identify then efficiently resolve revenue attrition. We maintain the skills and tools along with the experience to work with each customer to drive efficiency through your own unique billing and collections activities. Our technology slashes rejections and denials, improves communication across the revenue cycle, and delivers transparency into both your receivable and payer accounts.

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