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Cloud Analytics = Insight = Efficiency

In the healthcare industry everyone knows that improving the clean claims rate is the key to a more efficient revenue cycle. Much work has been done on how registration accuracy and efficiency impacts this key factor. However very little work has ever been done to analyze exactly what is done in the collection cycle.

What we have little insight into (until now) is how much of it is a result of registration vs. payer behavior vs. collector behavior. What exactly are collectors doing each and every day – and why? Is the work the result of poor information? Bad process? Payer tricks? Until now this information has not been available from any Patient Accounting System.

Cloud based receivables management systems – like HTSG’s AlphaCollector™ provide unparalleled insight into the collection activity of any hospital. AlphaCollector collects millions of data points on collector (receivables) activity every month – every data point in every step of collecting an account is recorded – and analyzed.

Who touched which accounts – how many times – how were they resolved – how times did we touch an account before it paid – WHY, WHEN…..WHAT CAN WE DO TO IMPROVE?

Resource Intensity Analytics (HTSG’s Collection Analytics engine) provided by cloud based technology allows any hospital to complete the loop in their revenue cycle. You can now understand what is working and what is not working in your collection cycle and use that data to drive improvements in all phases of the revenue cycle.

Cloud Analytics = Insight = Efficiency